Immersive spaces in Microsoft Teams, currently in preview, will be generally available in
January 2024. Immersive spaces in Teams will bring the power of Mesh into the place
where people work every day – Microsoft Teams. From the View menu in a Teams meeting,
users can easily transform a 2D meeting into an immersive 3D experience.

Key capabilities in immersive spaces in Teams will include:
Avatars: Choose an avatar previously built for standard 2D Teams meetings or
create a new one. Avatars are easy to customize to reflect a person’s appearance,
style or mood for the day.
3D environments: Choose from one of the ready-made 3D environments based on
meeting needs, whether it’s a big team, social gathering or a small round-table
Seat assignments: Select where to sit in a meeting or event to drive connections
with others.
Spatial audio and audio zones: Have multiple, simultaneous conversations and
communicate eQectively in subgroups without talking over each other.
Interactive activities: Play built-in interactive games within immersive spaces.
Designated areas include spaces to roast marshmallows, throw beanbags, answer
icebreaker questions and more.
Live reactions: Use live reactions, such as hearts, thumbs up or clap, during