Microsoft Copilot Studio is an end-to-end conversational AI platform that empowers users
to create and customize copilots using natural language or a graphical interface. Copilot
Studio is the perfect companion for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365, putting IT in
control, while ensuring predictability of responses for key topics.
With Copilot Studio, users will be able to easily design, test and publish copilots that suit
specific needs and preferences. Users will be able to leverage the power of generative AI to
dynamically create multi-turn answers over data and dialogues that are engaging and
relevant for users, and to add specific conversations for predictable scenarios that require
authored responses and workflows, such as expense management, HR onboarding or IT

Copilot Studio will also enable users to link copilots with the broader Microsoft
Conversational AI stack through integrations with Azure AI Studio and additional Azure
services. This will allow users to access advanced features, like speech recognition,
sentiment analysis, entity extraction and more, while having full visibility and control with
built-in governance.

Copilot Studio will provide an intuitive and integrated design studio experience for makers.
With plugin builder, makers will be able to create, manage and test plugins, including
Power Platform connectors and Power Automate flows. With prompt builder, makers will be
able to create custom prompts, including ones that leverage generative AI.
Copilot Studio will enable users to create impactful conversational AI experiences and
drive business outcomes. Users can now leverage Copilot Studio to customize Copilot for
Microsoft 365, included in the Copilot for Microsoft 365 license.