Marcel Alberts – My road to become a Microsoft MVP for Office 365

It was a rainy Saturday in July when I was doing some work for my customers, and received an email from Microsoft:

Wow – that was a nice surprise just before my 3 weeks holiday! Not expected at all!

Don’t know what and MVP Award is ? Click here to read more about this.

In the last year I’ve done a lot for the Office 365 community like making video’s, infographics, being active in forums,blogging and more interactive things.

Let’s wrap it up:

It all started with my blog where I shared relevant links to other Office 365 related articles. Some people around me said ‘you are only sharing links!’. Yes – that’s true, but with all the links I shared on my blog I created a very useful site and got more visitors every day. Started with only me and some colleagues as visitor, I now have around 1500 – 2000 visitors a day (and still growing) ! is a Dutch name, so it can be difficult for English speaking professionals so I renamed (and re-branded) my blog site to
Watch the announcement of this blog site change on this video as breaking news:

I also started creating InfoGraphics to explaining more complex Office 365 things in an easy way (When use what, Mobile apps, governance etc).
One of my biggest hits was the ‘Ultimate Office 365 licensing overview’ – more than 30k views in a few months! Take a look at my InfoGraphics here:
(yes – some might outdated at some points, updated versions will come soon 😉)

Explainer video’s
I also started with creating ‘Explainer Videos’, with my biggest hit ‘What is Office 365 – explained in just 6 minutes’ (January 2017) which can be found here:

I got a lot of positive reactions from the community and also from within Microsoft. Some people complained about the background music, it reminded them at a very addictive game in the 80’s 😉

Besides the blog, InfoGraphics and Explainer Video’s I spent a lot of time on various forums as I already mentioned before. Also networking on the past Ignite conferences in Chicago and Atlanta helped me a lot! Never been at the Ignite ? It’s worth every penny – visit for more information.

This MVP award is a recognition from Microsoft on this work from me – thank you for this Microsoft!
Specials thanks goes to my wife Esther – doing all this things cost a lot (!) of private time! Also special thanks to Dan Holme from Microsoft for some guidance, assistance and feedback on some video’s and InfoGraphics.

A MVP award not a lifetime award; every year you have to ‘earn’ to get re-awarded.
So time to make plans to continue contributing to the Office 365 community –  what to expect the coming months from me ?

  • Continue- and expand my blog site
  • Updating- and creating new InfoGraphics
  • Expanding my Explainer Video series
  • Speaking on community events (my main focus is ‘When Do I use What and How’)
  • Delivering workshops to users
  • Helping users to define business benefits when using Office 365 products
  • Being active of various forums

My overall goal is to help users to get the most out of Office 365 – Microsoft is delivering great products in Office 365 but you need to make sure you are using in the right way. Don’t get lost 😊

With my MVP award Microsoft is giving me great insight information and other benefits to help me with this. Also third party companies like ShareGate, TechSmits, Metalogics etc. are helping the MVP community – thank you all for this!

Visit my MVP profile page , my blog or follow me on Twitter. Want to know about my expertise? Look at my profile site (Dutch), my LinkedIn profile or send me an email at

For now I’m enjoying my ‘MVP Award kit’ on my desk 😊