Microsoft 365 is enabling a new era of visual content creation for commercial customers.
With Microsoft Clipchamp and Microsoft Designer, Microsoft 365 is democratizing video
and image creation. Intuitive user experiences enhanced by AI make it simple for anyone to
create compelling visuals – no experience required.
Microsoft Clipchamp

Clipchamp is now generally available for commercial customers and can be accessed by
users licensed for Microsoft 365 Enterprise (E3 and E5) and Business (Standard and
Premium) suites.

Additionally, Clipchamp Premium features and licensing will become available in
December 2023. These features will include 4K exports, organization brand kit capabilities
and premium stock content (audio, video and graphics), with more premium features being
added in the coming months, including AI-powered features. Customers will also be able
to purchase Clipchamp independently of Microsoft 365 as a standalone license.
Microsoft Designer

Designer is first coming to commercial customers through integrations in various Microsoft
365 apps, so users can create images within the flow of work. Microsoft 365 Enterprise (E3
and E5) and Business (Standard and Premium) users can now use Designer in Edge.
Designer in Teams for creating announcement banners will become available in the coming
weeks, and Copilot in Microsoft Designer for use in Word, PowerPoint and Whiteboard will
be available by the end of 2023. A preview of the Designer app will become available to
commercial customers