Microsoft Mesh, currently in preview, will be generally available in January 2024.

With Mesh, users will be able to create custom immersive spaces tailored to specific business
needs, such as employee events, trainings, guided tours and internal product showcases.
Using a no-code editor, customers will be able to easily customize an immersive event or
the Mesh toolkit to leverage the power of Unity for fully customizable experience.
With the Mesh editor, users will be able to customize immersive experiences to address the
unique needs of the event without writing a line of code. Event creators will be able to
select from a set of ready-to-use immersive spaces, customize them by adding images,
videos and screen share in a shared 3D canvas, and have them show up in an event in an
orchestrated way. Once these objects are added, change the size and position, or put the
video on loop so it fits right into the event. These customizations can then be saved as a
template for anyone in the organization to reuse.

At general availability, additional capabilities will make it easier for speakers to interact
with attendees when hosting immersive events in Mesh. Event organizers will be able to
facilitate a Q&A session by enabling attendees to raise hands. Organizers will see the list of
hands raised, in order, and will be able to call on participants, engaging them directly.
When called on, attendees will be eQectively seen and heard by everyone in the event. This
makes immersive events more eQective and engaging, and brings elements of real-life town
hall experiences where organizers can facilitate a Q&A during an event.

The ability to customize immersive spaces in Mesh will be available in Teams Premium.