One Outlook (aka Outlook Preview) now supports multi-accounts (sort off)

The One Outlook (aka Outlook Preview) now supports multi-accounts.

It does not show up when you open the Windows App store version of the app, but only when you switch the toggle in the Outlook desktop client (‘try the new Outlook’).

Limitations I’ve seen so far:

  • Only existing O365 / Live / Gmail accounts are available
  • No option to manually add new accounts
  • Exchange on-prem accounts are not available
  • Calendar overlay is not working (I even don’t see all the calendars from all the accounts)
  • When switching back to the ‘legacy’ Outlook desktop app and return to the One Outlook preview all multiple accounts are gone (and need new adding)

After all; it’s still a preview 😉

More information on the One Outlook can be here: (old announcement)
New Outlook for Windows available to all Office Insiders