Viva Engage and Viva Amplify are tools to allow organizations to connect everyone
through employee communities and conversations to build meaningful relationships and
give company messages needed volume. Updates to both platforms include:

Multi-tenant organization (MTO) communication: Viva Engage supports MTO
cross-tenant communication to make it easier for leaders to communicate and
engage at scale to build community across the organization. Leaders can send a
storyline announcement across tenants to share the same story to all stakeholders.
Responding, reacting and analytics will be supported for cross-tent posts. This
update is now generally available.

• Publish from Viva Amplify to Viva Engage: This integration will allow for publishing
from Viva Amplify to Viva Engage communities and storylines. It will also
incorporate content shared to Engage within reports in Viva Amplify. This update will
be available in private preview early next year.

Viva Goals and Viva Engage integration: The integration will bring mission,
alignment and results into communities and conversation by helping customers
build communities around goals, view goal progress from Viva Goals directly in Viva
Engage and create divisional communities within Viva Engage designed to help
leaders better communicate top-down interactions and initiatives, including
delivering praise based on goal progress and achievement. This update will be
generally available in the first half of 2024.

Seeded and AI-connected knowledge in Answers: This update will allow users to
use AI to generate questions and answers from existing files and import them into
Answers. Also, AI will automatically route open questions to people who might have
the answer. Users can identify the right topics for a question, see top similar
responses before publishing, and aid in routing to experts. This update will start
rolling out later this year.

Viva Amplify updates: Viva Amplify will include publication templates for
campaigns, adds localization in more than 50 languages and will include better
reporting from system data to incorporate custom data from HR tools into filtering
and reports. This update will be generally available in December.

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